I want to introduce everyone to Tri-Blogs.  It is an online training diary and blogging tool for endurance athletes.  Tri-Blogs is very easy to use allows you to record all of your workouts in an easy to use format.  It allows you to record multiple training sessions per day, set/record goals, enter race results, and much more.  Tri-Blogs is what I have the athletes that I coach use as their training diary.  It is free to use and you can also get a premium subscription that eliminates advertisements and has a few more functions.  You can use the code TRIBRENDAN to get 10% off.  A one year subscription would be around $2/month.  Tri-Blogs is great because they are constantly adding functions and always looking for feedback.  I have used multiple online training diary and this is by far the best.  Coaches can also use Tri-Blogs to manage their athletes.

I went out with Tom Robertson and shot some pictures last night.  Stay tuned for a few more.  Also check out Tom’s website and The Hellgate Cyclery blog for more pictures.  Tom has been busy lately shooting Ironman, The Missoula Marathon, and much more.  Tom is the official photographer of Team Montana.

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