Racing Dirty


The Cycling House season wrapped up in Tucson & Solvang and I pointed it North after my 9th season in the desert.  After some warm winter months filled with sunshine I new I was missing something.  Mud!  My first weekend back I signed up for both Grizzly Triathlon and Rocky Mountain Roubaix like I always do.  Unfortunately, I forgot to look at the dates and the landed on the same day. Regardless the wheels started turning.  The result was, a wet sloppy road race, followed by a cramp filled Montana World Championships sprint triathlon.  I held my own in both,  the road race consisted of big pulls and attacks, while the triathlon consisted of persistance and survival.


The dirty double prepared me well for what would be another wet, muddy 85 mile day at The Cycling House’s Montana Hell Ride.  I put my new found fitness to work from the gun. I jokingly attacked at mile zero and decided to go for it.  I was not caught until about 25 miles in.  Still feeling chipper I decided to attack one more time before the big climb.  The sparks flew and I entered into survival mode.  The last 20 miles were a test of willpower, with mud fit for a good mug bog.


Each race teaches you something.  The past two weeks I learned that you never know unless you try. Sometimes you learn the lesson the hard way, that’s why I will not do Ironman back to back ever again.  Or will I?

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 6.53.12 PM


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